POI (Points of Interest)

For non-commercial use only! Be sure to read terms of use before downloading the POI-file. By downloading you agree with terms of use.
Latest version (April 11, 2017) of POI-file for your GPS-navigator. The file contains coordinates for almost all factory shops listed on this site. At the moment the file contains coordinates and address information for 719 factory shops in Finland.
Coordinates have been collected using several different mapping services and there may be errors in some of the coordinates. If you find an error, please let us know using the contact form so that we can update the database.

What are POI-files?

POI-files (points of interest) contain coordinates for interesting places. These coordinates can be downloaded to your GPS-receiver such as car navigators (TomTom, Garmin Magellan etc.). The downloaded coordinates can then be used to navigate to the places in the POI-file. In addition to coordinates, POI-files can also contain other information such as addresses and telephone numbers.

For what GPS-navigators can I use the POI-file found on this site?

The zip-package contains POI-file in two different formats (.ov2 and .gpx). TomTom-navigators use ov2-format and for example Garmin navigators can utilize the gpx-format. Consult your navigator manual to find out if your navigator supports POI-files and in what format. The manual should also explain how to download POI-files to the device.